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Butterfly out of its cocoon (finally!)

Butterfly out of its cocoon

i finally finished my butterfly!

Butterfly out of its cocoon

Butterfly out of its cocoon

Butterfly out of its cocoon

pattern: butterfly (vest version), rowan 37 magazine
yarn: jagger zephyr wool silk in mahogany colorway
needles: US 6, 5, 3
size: XS (though technically more like S due to 2 extra knit stitches added on either side)

i did a ton of research beforehand in craftster, knitting blogs, anywhere google could point me in regards this pattern! i've incorporated a lot of notes other knitters have made in their versions. for example, like domesticat, i did not make YOs or decreases at either edge unless they could be paired with corresponding decreases. and like eunny jang, i used the same yarn, needle size, and full immersion blocking (with a little help from citrus-scented soak). i did not use the waste yarn for grafting the hems; i just knitted and seamed normally. i also added 2 extra knit sts on either side to help with mattress stitching up the seams at the end after hearing what a bitch the seams were for other knitters. this was a significant help. overall, i'm overjoyed with how the project came out. now if only i can find some decent pants or a skirt to wear it with... my pants in these photos aren't really cutting it!

thanks to my sister, amy, for the photos.
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